We here at Proud think so but it all comes down to what you’re trying to say and who you’re trying to say it to!

Radio, when targeted, planned and executed correctly can be the perfect tool in either a branding or a call to action campaign. It’s a high-reach medium, speaking to huge numbers of listeners where they can’t (or don’t want to) get away.

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People are often commuting or tuned in listening to their favourite music, they aren’t flicking to their next tv show. This allows radio to cut through and hit people at relevant times during the day when they are open to hearing the message.  Personal, friendly and trusted, radio is the perfect medium for reaching time poor consumers.

Radio is mobile. Lots of people drive or are passengers in cars, and the majority of people listen to their radio while driving. And although instances of MP3 player use is on the rise, radio still more than holds it’s own. People are in their cars more and more with the average commute to work growing. We’re spending more time in our cars than ever before, and if you’re not in your car what about when you visit an office / shop / doctor / restaurant –the radio is playing there too!

Radio is personal, it’s people talking to others directly and radio can use emotion in its content often better than other forms of advertising are able to.

Radio is in your face. It’s noticed. In a car you can’t walk away and make a cup of tea when the ads come on so you’re stuck there, listening to the content so people will hear your message.

Radio is fast. It gives you the speed and flexibility as well as the urgency needed for your campaign.. You can be on air as soon as you have the material to play, allowing you to turn around a sale campaign for instance in a matter of a couple of day (in some cases hours).

Radio is word of mouth to the max, you control the messages and have the ability to tell thousands of people at a time about the good experiences your customers have with your products and services.

Lastly, Radio is cost effective. The low production charges and the extremely reasonable per spot media charges mean that radio is an affordable way to get your message out to the maximum number of people, the maximum number of times. Radio has become a hugely popular form of advertising due to the extensive return on investment that it can provide. No matter your budget you can usually make a radio campaign work for your business and you aren’t restricted to buying for a certain time frame so you aren’t locked in to long term spend.


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