The Proud Media Team

We’re Proud to be a Media Buying team with varied backgrounds and the experience to be able to assist you with anything from media buying to graphic design and anything marketing related in between.

There are a few people and even a few different partners who all come together for us to be successful… meet the team below.

Gail and the Proud Media group deliver a personalised, tailored approach to media buying and planning. Gail’s wealth of experience in the media and communications sector has provided an extra dimension to our media planning with measurable results. I am proud to work with Proud Media.

Nicole de Vries

Director of Marketing, Brisbane Boys' College

I own and run a successful boat dealership and spend approximately $500,000 a year on advertising. In my previous career I was a media specialist myself and owned an advertising agency with my wife for 6 years prior to launching our current business. I thought it was more cost-effective to manage all the advertising myself and as a result I dealt with over 10 different companies, booking radio, TV, online, print and direct mail. It was another job on my long list of jobs and I often left it to the last minute – not to mention the time spent managing artwork demands and deadlines. Somehow it all worked and it could have gone on for years like this without change.

But then a friend of mine who owns a large business personally recommended I meet with Adam Dalgleish at Proud Media, which I reluctantly did. Well that was three years ago and it has been a very positive experience. I have to admit that Adam takes all the pain away from managing the advertising budget. He is a pleasure to deal with and it has proven to not only be more cost effective, it is hassle free as he does all the research and running around finding the best rates and places to promote our business. I’ve got so much more time to concentrate on running my business. I can genuinely recommend both Adam and Proud media to any business owner.

Aaron Goodchild

Brisbane Yamaha

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