In an industry whose reputation can sometimes be likened to an episode of Mad Men – all sharp suits, smoke and mirrors – it’s important to choose your advertising and media agency based on some vital qualities. Here are the key traits we recommend you look for when choosing a media agency.


The media industry is broad and varied. It’s changing constantly and serving up new opportunities all the time. A media buyer with experience has seen so many platforms and media come and go, they have a better idea of what’s flash-in-the-pan and what will last the distance. They also have years of case studies and experiences (both successful and not-so-successful) under their belts.


Advertising and marketing is both an art and a science. Statistics can show us where audiences spend their time and which media is the most effective, but the art comes into play in placing the right creative on the right medium at the right time. It is this three way strategy that gets the results.


An effective agency is one that considers all available media and places your advertising on the options that give the best, most cost-effective result. Your agency must be unbiased and able to evaluate the entire media landscape on your behalf.


This trait is obvious, but important. Your media agency should be trustworthy and act in your best interests. If you have any doubts, ask for information or move on.

At Proud Media, we pride ourselves on our transparency and integrity. Our team has years of experience on both sides of the media sales process, so can provide the independent advice you need to get the best results.

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