In our experience, business owners and marketing managers think that employing the services of a Media Buyer will be an extra cost to their business. They feel that buying direct and organizing it all themselves is actually the most cost effective way to go about it. However this is not necessarily so, especially not when you work with Proud Media.

When you sign up with Proud Media for your media planning and buying there are NO extra costs to your business. Let us explain why this is the case…

Firstly, the rates you as a business are accessing through your various mediums right now, are THE SAME rates that you will have access to through Proud Media. There will be no increased costs involved when you book your billboard, or your TV ad or your radio schedule.

It’s a misconception than the rates are increased when booking through an agency. It’s up to the client to choose how they want to book their media, it’s up to the company that owns that media to work with the client however they choose to and there is no place for them to be penalized for choosing to use an agency.

It’s also a misconception that all agencies charge a service fee. Some do, don’t get us wrong. But Proud Media do not. Not for your media booking. There are of course other services available to you through Proud that may involve a fee, but these are the same anywhere. When it comes to your media however, we DO NOT add on to make up a commission. Your rates are your rates now and with Proud.

So then we’ve established that it won’t cost extra to use Proud to buy your media, but how does working with us save you money?

When you book with Proud while we can’t guarantee you a better rate than you can get direct, we can guarantee that you won’t pay more and we always do our utmost to get you more value add and bonus. We never stop trying to get you extra value, and you might even pay less!

On top of this, you get a marketing department (the team at Proud) free of charge. We give you your time back as we know from much experience that time is money. Working with Proud allows you to pull yourself out of the detail and the paperwork to focus on growing your business. Therefore your production and efficiency will be increased.

It really is that easy. Hassle Free. Pain Free. It’s just how we work.