Dating back to ancient paintings on cave walls and evolving through to digital billboards, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing and storytelling. With so many platforms and media available to marketers these days, billboards (and other outdoor, or out-of-home advertising) hold their ground as one of the most effective.

And despite their impressive size, they are cost-effective and achievable for big brands and local businesses alike.

Why Choose Outdoor Advertising?

Sometimes overlooked for the noisy, shiny new objects that digital and mainstream media offer, Outdoor Advertising offers many benefits to the advertiser.

Here are just a few:

According to the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), outdoor advertising reaches more people than any other media. The A Day In The Life Study suggests that Out of Home Advertising reaches 93% of people, including hard to reach audiences.

Outdoor Media is one of the few media channels that can’t be switched off or flicked through. When you’re walking or driving, there is little else you can be doing except looking at your surroundings. In fact, according to OMA, 51% of people are likely to pay more attention to outdoor media than any other media, and 66% see it as a welcome distraction.

With busier traffic in our major cities, people are spending more time on our roads. This year in Brisbane people spent an extra 60 seconds per kilometre than in 2014/15.

People spend time with outdoor advertising right before they shop, offering an impact immediately before the point of purchase. As they travel to their destination they can be exposed to brand messages that can increase awareness, education and desire.

Outdoor Advertising is also really effective for local businesses, capturing the attention of their audience within the heart of where they live and work. It also allows a brand message to be reinforced more than once, as a significant proportion of people will drive past the billboard multiple times per week.

With Digital Billboards there’s an even greater opportunity as it’s seen as more noticeable and more interesting to look at. (Source: Canon’s Custom Digital Signage Market Survey Report).

A Day in the Life Study by Research Now showed that out of home advertising improves the ROI of other advertising when used in combination. So it’s an effective component of any integrated advertising plan, whether it be print, radio, television or online.

Here are a few tips for when you choose outdoor advertising.

Choose the Right Location

When choosing the best locations, consider the amount of traffic that passes by, whether that traffic is sometimes stationery or slow-moving, and make sure there is clear visibility of the billboard on approach.

Choose the Right Creative

Outdoor creative needs to be clear, eye-catching and easy to understand within a few seconds. Don’t overcrowd the available space with too much text or too many messages. One clear message will have a greater impact.

Allow the Right Budget

The cost of outdoor advertising varies dependent on the size and location of the site, and the duration of the booking. Don’t forget to include the production of the creative and installation in your budget.

If you would like to learn more about outdoor advertising and the benefits it can offer your business as part of your marketing and media plan, contact the Proud Media Team.