In a word. No. And anyone that tells you different is just plain wrong. Your business is your business and it’s up to you how much you choose to involve anyone you invite to work with you on it.

Of course a solid flow of information should be shared so that any recommendations you receive are based on what’s actually happening within your business and not just on guess work but with regards to what you actually have your media agency do for you, well that’s up to you.

At Proud Media we’re flexible and will work with you in whatever capacity you would prefer. If you have an internal strategist working on your marketing plan you can merely use us as your booking agent. Alternatively we can work together with your marketing team to come up with the most effective schedule or, another option is to brief us on budgets / aims / target demographics and leave it to us to present options for your marketing spend. As we said it’s up to you and if you have another option you would prefer we’re all ears.

Working with a media agency shouldn’t be hard work. We’re here to take the hassle out of things for you. We’re here to meet with the million different reps from the million different media and present you with the ones you want to see, or the ones that are most relevant – again your choice. We’re here to provide you with the best rates and media options for your media spend to achieve the goals of your business no matter what they are. We’re here to un-biasedly present you all options that are relevant and then it’s your decision to determine how you would like us to act on that.

The team here at Proud have varied backgrounds. We have people who have worked in radio, with TV and print experience, outdoor, graphic design, accounting and we have people who have themselves been the marketing managers for varying industries so now we all have a broad range of experience and understanding of the marketing mix. We know, from them, that people have their own ideas about how they want to deal with us and it’s why we’re so flexible. We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of media buying for you and are excited to work with you no matter how you want the relationship to go!

It really is that easy. Hassle Free. Pain Free. It’s just how we work.

For all your media buying enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us!