I talk a lot about Dan Kennedy.  He believes that business is basically about winning the hearts and minds of your valuable customers.

I am a strong advocate of looking outside your own business to observe what other businesses do. Can it be adapted to your business?

Here are Kennedy’s musts for winning the hearts and minds of a typical customer:

  1. Get their attention.
  2. Create interest in your product.
  3. Gain their trust.
  4. Satisfy with goods or services.
  5. ”Wow them” with experiences and extras.
  6. Sustain their interest.
  7. Create clubs or memberships ideas
  8. Become a meaningful and respected presence in their lives

If you are a new business creating a list like this inside your sales systems is not difficult. It just takes a little bit of work. As Kennedy says, if you are not working on winning the hearts and minds of your customers, what the devil are you doing? Just selling stuff!

Good Selling

– Mike