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Radio Advertising

Radio is everywhere. It is an invited guest into workplaces, cars & homes. It is a brilliant direct response medium that can assist you to create urgency for your latest promotion or maintain your presence in the mind of huge audiences as a branding medium.

Audiences are often extremely loyal to their favourite station and listener/announcer relationships can provide an excellent selling environment, with live reads a radio exclusive all about your brand. With no huge production fees you have the ability to change often and quickly as your campaign requires.

Allow Proud Media to work with you to determine the right station for your audience and get your campaign up and running in no time!

Since 2006, Proud Media has managed our radio campaigns. All the scheduling, production and placement within this program has been given to Proud Media after realising the total efficiency of the agency which engenders a confidence that everything is under control.

Kate Spencer

Marketing Manager, Pillow Talk


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