Were you one of the people who swore 2017 was going to be less busy and more productive than last year? Did you notice the number of New Years’ resolutions to do less, delegate and make better use of time? An easy way to create more time in your business is to delegate. Outsourcing your media buying is a great place to start. Then you can focus on what you do best … running your business.

By outsourcing your media buying you can not only save time, but you could also save money and achieve a better result.

How can a media agency save you time?

Crafting a media strategy can take a considerable amount of time. This time is spent:
• Understanding which media are most effective for your target audience.
• Researching media options, which can involve liaising with a range of media reps.
• Comparing media outlets and pricing.
• Determining the most appropriate programs, publications, sites and spots.
• Researching availability (which can change on an hour by hour basis)
• Pulling together an integrated strategy.

A quality media agency looks after all of these steps for you. After taking your brief, we do the research, pull together recommendations and work with you to confirm those that fit within your brief and budget. You also save time and administration resources by having only one invoice from the agency, rather than separate invoices for each media outlet.

How can a media agency save you money?

To state the obvious, time is money, so the first way a media agency saves you money is by saving your time (or your team’s time) and letting you focus on revenue-generating activities.

We also know the full media landscape. We have strong relationships with media companies and can become aware of special deals or incentives of which you might not be aware. We can also save you money by making your budget work as hard for you as possible and minimising wastage.

How can a media agency achieve a better result?

We are the experts at what we do. At Proud we have years of experience in the media industry (on both sides of the equation) and have proven expertise in matching our clients with the best media option to meet their objectives. We are skilled at creating an integrated advertising approach that works within your budget and parameters.

Once you give us your brief, you can turn your attention back to your business and your strengths, and we will look after the rest.