Ice bucket challenges, daffodil blooms, pink ribbons and more are becoming more and more common and, with the help of social media today, gain momentum quickly. We here at Proud were having a chat about social responsibility and asked… what are we doing to help? What is our contribution to our community?

In a time where we are increasingly concerned that our donated dollars are actually getting to where they need to go we spent quite a bit of time trying to determine where we should be sending ours.

In the office many of us are involved with various charities assisting causes both domestic and abroad but as a group we wanted to be able to help people close to home. In line with this we have made a commitment to Assist A Sista, a Gold Coast based charity helping the victims of domestic abuse across NSW and QLD to get back on their feet and rebuild a safe environment for themselves and their children.

Often in rehousing these families there are school fees, stationary and other items that are needed to ensure that the children do not fall behind or get left out in their new schools. We’ve spoken with Assist A Sista and we have pledged to help in covering some of these costs. Anything we can do to help make the transition to a new and safe life and the ensure these kids, who have already endured so much, can get back on track.

We’re extremely proud to be able to help this amazing cause – if you’d like to check them out please see