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What is Media Buying?

From our point of view, media buying is finding the right medium, negotiating a great rate and putting your product marketing in the perfect place so that a large number of the right people can see it. Simple right! Well not necessarily…

There are so many choices in media land for where your ads can go. Free TV, Paid TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, Transit and that doesn’t even touch on the millions of online options available. Phew!

So how do you choose the right marketing option for your product and your audience? Well that’s where we come in.

Introducing Proud Media, your personal marketing assistant. You can call the shots or we can advise you from our years of industry experience. It’s up to you!

Proud Media is here to bring you pain free media!

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Why Proud Media?

Proud Media is the perfect balance between DIY media and a large agency. Hassle Free, Affordable and Easy. We are big enough (and have been around long enough!) to know what we are doing, but we are small enough to give you the attention you deserve.

We can help you with your mainstream media social media, website, graphic design, marketing collateral, branding and more – all without hiring a whole team. If it’s media related, we do it and for everything else, we do it or we have very talented partners who do!

Proud Media can buy all of your media or just some. You stay in total control of your spend – we’re all about doing whatever you need so you feel comfortable.

We’ll save you precious time by presenting an overview of all your options without all the meetings and phone calls from various reps. You can bounce your ideas off us and you’ll get an honest, unbiased, industry savvy opinion.

We don’t just punch in the numbers and recommend what gets spat out, we look at your strategy and your business requirements and recommend the RIGHT media for your campaign!

How does it work?

Think of us like a mortgage broker. Running around, negotiating with the banks to get you the best deal possible. Your mortgage broker is paid by the bank for bringing them your business but it costs you, the home owner, the same* (if not better) than if you had done all the hard work yourself. Not only did you save yourself plenty of time, you also had years of experience to draw on to ensure you got the right product for your specific requirements and needs.

We are the same. We have no affiliation with any particular media supplier. Our loyalty is with you and ensuring you have the product you need, at the right price without all the leg work. Simple… pain free media! (yes, we know it sounds too good to be true!)

Additionally, you’ll always be dealing with your senior account manager, we’re here to ensure you know that your media is our number one priority.

  •   No Extra Cost to your Business
  •   Save yourself time and hassle
  •   Get the perfect media schedule for your campaign

Our Services

In terms of Media Buying; from traditional mediums like radio and television, to outdoor and transit, all the way to digital when it comes to media Proud Media do it all. On top of that if you need assistance with your creative campaigns and design we are more than happy to help. Simple and pain free... it's what we're here for!


Bring your brand and your ideas to life for your customers


Radio is the theatre of the mind – stretch the imagination!


Tried & True. Seeing is believing – the options are endless in print media


24 hours a day, 7 days a week… constant coverage no breaks


Interact with customers on their terms… so many possibilities


Involved in everything from stationery to branding and web design


The single most important ingredient for your campaign’s success


Develop a road map for your business… get the results you want

Benefits to You

More Time

Using an agency to assist with your media buying allows you more time to spend on strategy, business development or any million of other tasks we’re sure you’ve got on your plate!

Saved Money

Although we don’t promise you better rates, we do promise you no increases on your current media rate & and of course we will continually try to do better… We want to save you money!

Qualified Team

Our team has been working in the Media Buying industry for many years, by working with us you get an instant marketing department working hard just for you!


Sounding Board

Even if you choose to do all of your own strategy, we are here as unbiased sounding boards willing to provide any advice and feedback that you might need on your marketing function!

Easy Process

Working with Proud Media allows you to deal with just us, we’ll deal with everyone else on your behalf so you only have to have one contact, one schedule and one invoice… pain free!

Too Good to be True

We know all of this sounds too good to be true but it really is just that simple. Your media buying can be done on your terms, on your budget. Call us to find out how!

What we can do

It can be this easy. It can be done on your budget. It can be done in no time at all with one simple call to Proud Media…
For more information contact us now at sales@proudmedia.com.au or on 3278 4443.

Sharon Nicholls

Sharon has been with Proud since the very beginning…. 2006

Sharon went to New Zealand for a few months many years ago and stayed for 10 years. This was due to finding her true love..media sales with Radio Windy in Wellington. From there she was one of a small number of foundation staff involved in the very successful More FM network before finally returning to Brisbane to start an exciting 6 years with another new radio station 97.3FM.

Sharon has always enjoyed working closely with a small number of clients and felt she could offer more value consulting across all mediums and from there Proud Media was born.

When she’s not working or wrangling 2 sons her hobbies are renovating houses… many of them… over and over again!

To contact Sharon give her a call on 0415 500 091 or shoot her an email at sharon@proudmedia.com.au.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on providing the best Pain Free service to our customers and adhering to the following values in all of our endeavours.




No Surprises

Friendly & Approachable


Exceed Expectations


… P.A.I.N.F.R.E.E!

Adam Dalgleish

Adam brings an  impressive 27 years experience to our team. His career in Outdoor advertising in Melbourne saw him cut his teeth on every area of the business from production to sales, before transferring to Brisbane to help run and grow the office.

With an entire career spent in the media industry across outdoor, radio and online and, most recently, 4BC/4BH for the past 10 years… Adam’s media experience is self evident.

Adam and his lovely wife Vicki have four busy children so most of his spare time is spent being the  family taxi driver and, on the odd occasion the metre is turned off, he loves  surfing and kayaking.

Adam is excited to be part of the team at Proud and  to offer his clients exceptional service by bringing all media to the table, independent analysis, and all his experience to deliver the best possible result – pain free!

To contact Adam give him a call on 0418 120 511 or shoot him an email at adam@proudmedia.com.au.

Gail Sullivan

Since joining Proud in 2012, Gail has loved her transition into the wonderful world of Media Buying.

After working as the National Marketing Manager of a large retail company for the previous 8 years Gail was exposed to every facet of the marketing mix. From Media to Creative Strategy and all the things that lie in between, Gail created everything from Brand Strategies to effective Call to Action campaigns. During this time she even used Proud Media for all of her Media Buying needs!

After a great working relationship the opportunity then arose for Gail to join Proud and the rest is history!!

Outside of work, Gail enjoys fitness, food and wine… unfortunately trying to give all three equal importance often causes much internal conflict!

To contact Gail give her a call on 0434 618 434 or shoot her an email at gail@proudmedia.com.au

We love our coffee!

As with everyone in the advertising and marketing industry we are unable to function without lots of coffee!

Since we moved offices to Graceville in early 2013, Honour Espresso has become part of the family. Their amazing service, lovely smiles, delicious food and brilliant coffee keep us going strong on days in the office and we can’t thank them enough.

If you’re in the area head in, say hi and grab a coffee. Don’t forget to tell them we sent you (then they might give us a free one)!!

Honour Espresso 1/327 Honour Ave, Graceville Q.


David Wiltshire

David has spent his entire 23 year career in the advertising and media industry.
Starting his work life as an announcer in Tasmania, Canberra, NSW and Queensland, David moved into the business side of radio at 4KQ in Brisbane and quickly found his calling.

His creative approach to advertising produced great results for his clients and saw him promoted to Senior Account Manager, Sales Manager and eventually General Manager with 4BH.

He has also held management positions with Southern Cross Austereo, News Limited Digital Media, The Courier Mail and 97.3 and has many contacts in TV, Radio, Outdoor and Print.

David and his wife have two children, he enjoys playing drums in a band, flying aeroplanes and voicing commercials.

David’s experience in providing unique advertising solutions that work is now producing some great success stories for our clients at Proud Media and he would love the opportunity to talk with you about the pain free way to buy advertising.

Contact David on 0410 424 692 or david@proudmedia.com.au

Our Clients

Our Clients really are part of the family here at Proud and we are honoured to be able to work with such a brilliant and varied group of businesses!

Whether you are a large national retailer or a local Brisbane one, a school, a law firm or nightclub we love working with you on your marketing and media and we thank you for your support!


Jen Gyles

Just past her 1 year anniversary with Proud, Jen is a magazine junkie from way back. She started out at Woman’s Day editorial and made the switch from editorial to advertising sales early in her career and never looked back.

Jen has over 17 years experience in Group Sales and Integrated Sales at Bauer Media (formerly ACP), Nine and News Life Media. Her client base has included a broad range of areas including global and national FMCG’s, retail and premium brands.

Jen tells us that she loves working closely with a small base of clients and offering a highly tailored service to meet their business needs, something she says you can’t always offer at a large agency.

Between work and running around after 4 year old twins Jen tells us that she doesn’t get a lot of ‘me-time’, however when she can steal a few quiet moments her guilty pleasure is indulging in a cup of tea and a good gossip mag. She started out on a tabloid and it’s a hard habit to kick (especially when there’s a Royal on the cover!).

We’re so pleased to have Jen’s skills and experience on the Proud team. To contact Jen give her a call on 0418 458 906 or shoot her an email at jen@proudmedia.com.au.

Our Clients 2

Our Clients really are part of the family here at Proud and we are honoured to be able to work with such a brilliant and varied group of businesses!

Whether you are a large national retailer or a local Brisbane one, a school, a law firm or nightclub we love working with you on your marketing and media and we thank you for your support!

Emma Parrock

Emma joined the Client Services team at Proud Media  in early 2014. Prior to joining us Emma enjoyed 3 years at home dedicated to her 2 beautiful daughters.

Before starting her family Emma spent 8 years at 4BC and 4BH, where she worked as a Personal Assistant to a Sales Exec and the Sales Director, before joining the sales team herself. She brings  excellent expertise in proposals, schedule spreadsheets and, of course, client service, to us here at Proud!

Emma grew up on a farm outside Goondiwindi, surrounded by beef cattle, crops and lots of horses. When she’s not hard at work at the Proud Office, she loves enjoying  family time with her husband and two little girls – whether it’s an outing or just relaxing at home with a good book or movie, a nice bottle of wine and some great music.

Emma is excited to be part of the team at Proud and contribute to our pain free media philosophy. We are constantly in awe of her efficiency and know you will be too!  Call the office anytime for a chat with Emma or shoot her an email at emma@proudmedia.com.au

Our Clients 3

Our Clients really are part of the family here at Proud and we are honoured to be able to work with such a brilliant and varied group of businesses!

Whether you are a large national retailer or a local Brisbane one, a school, a law firm or nightclub we love working with you on your marketing and media and we thank you for your support!

Proud Testimonials

What some of our lovely clients have to say…

“Since 2006, Proud Media has managed our radio campaigns. All the scheduling, production and placement within this program has been given to Proud Media after realising the total efficiency of the agency which engenders a confidence that everything is under control.”
– Kate Spencer, Marketing Manager, Pillow Talk www.pillowtalk.com.au

“Proud Media has offered us excellent service. Knowing that our ads are going to be right, every time, is great. The team’s insights, as to ad placement and negotiation of the best price for our ads, has been second to none.”
– Nicole Lander, Laser Tag in a Box www.lasertag.com.au

“Proud Media’s service is always friendly and efficient. Most importantly, their knowledge and understanding of advertising and communications is unsurpassed.”
– Paula Key, Marketing Director, Which Property Pty Ltd www.whichproperty.com.au

“Proud Media have always achieved the best results for our advertising spend, securing the best rates and communicating with us constantly to get feedback on how everything is going. I can thoroughly recommend Proud Media to any small, medium or large company.”
– Val Lambard, General Manager, Hairfree Centre www.thehairfreecentre.com

Belinda Patterson

Belinda (Bel) comes to us with over 11 years experience in the Graphic Design industry. With previous employers such as Sensis and Quiksilver, her experience covers every possible base from print & online, to sign writing and more.
A Melbournite, at the tender age of 10 Bel was a Victorian BMX number 1 and then later in life a European Tour Guide for 3 years. We know her adventurous and daredevil-ish personality will make her fit right in here with us!!
Bel tells us that apart from loving a good dance off, her favourite hobby is painting. Apparently all of her nieces and nephews, and nearly all of her friends, have some kind of personalized painting on their wall from ‘Aunty Bel’ and if they don’t, they can be sure that they will soon! We can’t wait to see what she can do for the rest of the team here at Proud!
Although Bel has only just started with us, we know that she’s going to be a fantastic addition to the team and that our clients will absolutely love working with her. Bel tells us that although she’s only just joined the team she already loves the vibe. She loves that she’s here to be there for our clients and she’s looking forward to building the relationships that will take Proud’s Graphic Design business into the future.
We’re so pleased to have Bel’s skills and experience here at Proud, so remember if you’re in need of assistance with your graphic design, email Bel today at belinda@proudmedia.com.au.

Proud Design

Just a few of the projects we have designed for our clients here at Proud, including:

- Smile Artistry half page ads
- Ray White Graceville billboard
- Tattfree Centres A5 flyer template
- Hairfree Centres A5 seasonal flyer templates
- Smile Artistry billboards
- Loreto College billboard
- Mobicon Systems half page ads
- Smile Artistry quarter page strip ads
- Loreto College ad

Sonia McLachlan

Proud Partners

Where would we be without our media partners? These are the guys who have the product to make your strategy become a reality.

From the big players to the small…we have a great relationship with them all to ensure you get the very best rates, promotion and placement possible.

No matter where you want your media, we have the partners to help make it happen for you!

Our People

We’re Proud to be a Media Buying team with varied backgrounds and the experience to be able to assist you with anything from media buying to graphic design and anything marketing related in between.

There are a few people and even a few different partners who all come together for us to be successful… meet the team below.


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