We love this! Seth Godin: Low & Slow (vs. fear)

My sourdough rye bread failed. For the first time since I've been baking from this starter, this weekend's batch didn't work. I know why. I rushed it. I didn't let the dough ferment long enough. And then I made the oven hotter, in an effort to get the loaves finished...

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Why Choose Outdoor Advertising?

With so many platforms and media available to marketers these days, billboards (and other outdoor, or out-of-home advertising) hold their ground as one of the most effective. And despite their impressive size, they are cost-effective and achievable for big brands and local businesses alike.

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The Top Qualities To Look For When Choosing A Media Agency

In an industry whose reputation can sometimes be likened to an episode of Mad Men – all sharp suits, smoke and mirrors – it’s important to choose your advertising and media agency based on some vital qualities. Here are the key traits we recommend you look for when choosing a media agency.

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Social Responsibility & Charity in our Business…

Ice bucket challenges, daffodil blooms, pink ribbons and more are becoming more and more common and, with the help of social media today, gain momentum quickly. We here at Proud were having a chat about social responsibility and asked… what are we doing to help? What is our contribution to our community?

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Is Print Dead?

Despite all of the media options that exist in the marketplace today we believe that print still plays a vital role.

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How does using a Media Buyer save you money?

In our experience, business owners and marketing managers think that employing the services of a Media Buyer will be an extra cost to their business. They feel that buying direct and organizing it all themselves is actually the most cost effective way to go about it. However this is not necessarily so, especially not when you work with Proud Media.

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